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By using News-Bot, you agree abide by these rules.

Disobeying these rules will result in your server being blacklisted.

Do not use the bot for racism, homophobia or any other offensive purpose.
Do not use macros, or spam the bot
Never share any bugs, please tell a developer in our server.
Don't try to host News-Bot yourself. Read more about this here.

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Getting Started

Thanks for inviting News-Bot! Let's get you set up!

1) Create a News channel for News-Bot to post in, or choose an existing channel.

2) Type nb/setchannel in that channel.

3) Then type nb/sub [*source] for each source that you'd like to subscribe to.

Example: nb/sub bbc You can find a list of sources here.

You're all set! Just wait for the news source to publish their next story and you'll get it delivered to that channel!


By voting for News-Bot on bot sites, you're helping News-Bot to grow! Thank you.

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These are the news sources that you can currently subscribe to with News-Bot.

Source Aliases RSS Link
BBC News bbcnews, bbc
New York Times newyorktimes, nytimes, nyt
Sky News skynews, sky
The Telegraph thetelegraph, telegraph
CBS News cbsnews, cbs
CNN None spacecom, space com, space
IGN None
Hollywood Life hollywoodlife, hollywood, hl
FOX News foxnews, fox
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Below you can find a full list of commands.

Please note that you cannot use commands in direct messages.
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These are basic commands that you should expect with most bots.

Command Alias Description
Help None Displays a help message.
Ping None Calculate the bot's ping in milliseconds.
Invite None Get the bot's invite link.
Botinfo stats, info Display information about the bot.
Serverinfo None Display the current server's settings.
Qotd motd Display a Quote.
Vote None Display the bot's voting links.
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Censorship is self explanatory, it deletes messages containing bad words.

Command Alias Description
Enablecensoring [*true/false] enablecensorship, censorship Turn on or off censorship for the server.
Setcensormessage [*message] censormessage Change the censorship message.
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There's only one news command right now, but more will come soon.

Command Alias Description
Latest [*source] recent Display the latest news story from that source.
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Subscription will automatically send news stories to the selected channel.

The source argument should be a source found from here. Example: nb/subscribe bbc
Command Alias Description
Subscribe [*source] sub Subscribe to a news source.
Unsubscribe [*source] unsub Unsubscribe from a news source.
Setnewschannel setchannel, subchannel Change the news feed channel.
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If you have difficulty submitting a form you can join our server and talk to an administrator.

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